Competitive Analysis

3 05 2011

Criteria for analysis

Since the website I designed for COMM 3533 is a game art portfolio website, each website I will be analyzing must contain the following items:

  • It must be a portfolio;
  • It should be targeting potential employers or creative professionals;
  • The site should be public, contain a résumé, and display artistic works;
  • It must be search-engine friendly, and reflect a designer’s creativity or ingenuity.

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203 CSS Websites

19 04 2011

203 Manually Selected Sites About Style Sheets

I discovered this site while stumbling.  I know my usual posts are about design and design tools, but there’s so much information on this site that I had to post it.

This particular site links to 203 different websites regarding style sheets, proper formatting, and various tools.

This website could be considered the Swiss Army Knife of CSS sites… just like a Swiss Army Knife, this can help you with just every need you have.

Granted, the layout and design of the site is terrible.  But it’s simple, and well organized.

WordPress and HTML

23 03 2011

HTML and WordPress are, for the most part, 100% compatible. Here’s an exercise to help you learn some html. Now, the goal of this is to NEVER use any of the buttons you see in the editor during this exercise.

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API (Discussion Topic)

15 03 2011

Useful Color Scheme Designer

1 03 2011

Here’s a site I found VERY helpful, and it plays on what Karen Zimmerman was teaching regarding hue and design:

This site is specifically designed to help a person pick the colors that would complement their site, with all variations based on mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogic choices (think back to the color wheels she presented in class).

You choose the hue variation (ie, triad) and then when you find the colors you like, simply mouse over the color and you have what’s called the hex value.  On WordPress, you can usually find the colors in the “Theme Options”.  Simply input the hex value that you want.

If I ever need to develop a color scheme, this is the place I go.

I will have to say that I don’t necessarily agree with all the color variations that the site gives—which is why it’s good to have a sandbox WordPress site.

Page Navigation Menus

22 02 2011

In response to what will be today’s lesson in Web Design, I remembered that a while back I had bookmarked a website that contained some extremely well designed website navigation menus.  Most of the navigation menus can be coded rather easily.  The one I find particularly intriguing is the 3rd one down on the list, the “Fredric Aasbo” website.  I won’t link to the site, since there does seem to be something wrong with the website, but I’ll show a screenshot of the page:

I really love how simple the navigation looks, but yet has the element at the top that adds a lighting effect on the navigation button.  The “light” also shows you what page you are on.  The only thing I don’t particularly like about the navigation is how large the navigation buttons are.  I feel they could have been much smaller and still would have given the same effect.