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22 02 2011

In response to what will be today’s lesson in Web Design, I remembered that a while back I had bookmarked a website that contained some extremely well designed website navigation menus.  Most of the navigation menus can be coded rather easily.  The one I find particularly intriguing is the 3rd one down on the list, the “Fredric Aasbo” website.  I won’t link to the site, since there does seem to be something wrong with the website, but I’ll show a screenshot of the page:

I really love how simple the navigation looks, but yet has the element at the top that adds a lighting effect on the navigation button.  The “light” also shows you what page you are on.  The only thing I don’t particularly like about the navigation is how large the navigation buttons are.  I feel they could have been much smaller and still would have given the same effect.




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22 02 2011

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