Day 2

10 09 2010

Today, Steve had me working with him fixing up the post-production audio room.  He called it something else, but I cannot remember for the life of me what he called it.  It’s going to be tough working with all these Mac Computers.  I am NOT a Mac guy by any means.

I did a lot of waiting around for him as well today.  The next time I go in, I think I’m going to bring my laptop.  I don’t mind the waiting, but it gets a little annoying having people ditch me for phone calls.  I understand that they are pretty busy with it being a start-up, but I am capable of more than hooking up computers and organizing cables.

Again, given the fact that all the setup is only roughly 40% finished, I’m sure things will get better.  Steve promised he’d have more for me to do next week.




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