First Day of Internship

8 09 2010

Original post at my old blog site on Wednesday, September 8, 2010:

Today was the first official day that I started interning with Steve Smith (my direct superior) and Jeff Lockhart (responsible for me) on their Creatio/U-Rock project.  They have great things planned for me, and given the fact that it’s a start-up, there exists a lot of potential (their words, not mine).

Since Jeff Lockhart is truly the mind behind the project, he is kind of like the CEO.  Steve is the Creative Director, so he’s responsible for all the technical stuff.  Jeff has me training under Steve because of my technical expertise.  Today he had me sorting and separating all of the equipment according to it’s function (i.e. speakers, wires, and booklets separated).  He also had me hook up several hard drives to a computer and check whether or not they worked and what they had on them.  It seemed like grunt work at the time, but it could have been the pessimism from the headache I had; it could also come perhaps from the fact that I’ve only had about five hours of sleep each night for the past week.

Overall, the first day was pretty good.  I got to see the completed studio that I had moved a few things into over the summer (they call this studio, “Mama Bear,” and I’ve yet to figure out why).




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